What is E-Counselling?

E-Counselling is a type of telehealth, meaning that a health service is provided with the assistance of telecommunication technology. More specifically, Lindsey uses an online program, Practice Better, where she connects with clients through the use of video chat. Getting set up with and using this program is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated with your mobile calendar.

Why E-Counselling?


Lindsey believes that mental health services should be accessible to everyone and should not be restricted based on geographic location. That's why Lindsey offers e-counselling to all residents of Ontario.   E-counselling is right for you if you are living outside of downtown Ottawa or if your schedule is fixed or you have a limited amount of free time during the days or evenings.


In-Person vs. E-Counselling

Recent research findings indicate that there are comparable clinical outcomes and rated satisfaction levels between clients who received in-person and video counselling. Video counselling provides additional benefits to the client in terms of convenience and flexibility, taking into consideration the location, spare time and mobility of the client.

Depending on the needs and situation of the client, there may be some cases in which Lindsey deems it best suited for the client to receive in-person counselling. This need will be assessed on a individual basis, taking into consideration the client's safety and comfort level.