Therapist Shopping – The One for You

Lastly, finding a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and at ease is most important. For this consideration it is important to note that no two therapists are alike, even if they practice the same therapeutic techniques. This is actually to your advantage even though it may feel overwhelming to find your match.

Location: Once you have chosen your preferred mode of therapy, you can search based on your location, or provincially if you are in a rural area and would prefer video counselling.

Gender: Based on your personal preference, is there a particular gender you are more comfortable speaking with? Do consider the possible topics that may come up over the course of therapy. For example, will you be speaking about sexual experiences? Are you comfortable doing so with both genders? It’s okay to have a preference and to specifically ask for a certain gender if you are seeking services through a community health centre. Therapists and intake workers will not be offended by this.

Research: Do a quick search online in your chosen area for different mental health service providers. Look through their website. What kind of language do they use? What are their services? What is their educational background? Does their website and content make them seem friendly and approachable? Could you see yourself comfortably sitting in a room with them having a conversation?

Consultation: Does the therapist offer some form of consultation? By this I mean, do they provide you with an opportunity to speak with them in person or over the phone, without making a commitment, to see if you would be a good fit for each other?

A caring therapist will offer you a free consultation; this demonstrates that they have your best interest in mind even before you start to work together.

Once you have reviewed these foundational considerations, you will be prepared to make an informed decision on who you will choose to bring into your life and share your most personal details.

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